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Telecommunications, Media and Technology (TMT)

Acedo Santamarina is, without a doubt, one of the leading law firms in the provision of highly specialized services in the area of telecommunications, media and technology in Mexico. Our lawyers have decades of experience as strategic advisors to the sector’s authorities (IFT, SCT, Telecomm and CFE, among others), as well as to the most important national and foreign concessionaires that provide regulated services in the sector.

Among the areas in which we have provided advice are complex infrastructure projects in the area of communications and telecommunications, including, among others, projects for the acquisition and sale of satellite systems, the design and implementation of telecommunications networks (both wireless and fiber optic); advice on the implementation of landing projects in national territory of international submarine cable systems; the deployment of telecommunications infrastructure (including through national electricity grids); bidding processes for frequency bands of the radio electric spectrum, requests for radio electric spectrum frequencies for secondary use, and other similar projects.

We have been consulted on the implementation of projects involving the use of modern technologies for the provision of telecommunications services, whether through the Internet or other technologies, including telecommunications service resale schemes, licensing and operation of MVNOs, uses of frequencies for secondary titles, and other telecommunications technology solutions that are constantly under development.

We have also handled highly specialized consulting in the media and telecommunications sectors, including Internet and media liability, establishment and operation of international private and public networks with dedicated technology or through the use of Internet protocols (e.g., VoIP and VPNs) and other converging technologies.

Among the services that Acedo Santamarina provides to its clients in the telecommunications and technology sector are advice on the structuring of their businesses and investments; project financing; analysis and obtaining of licenses, permits, concessions, rights of way and other types of regulatory authorizations; drafting and negotiation of specialized telecommunications contracts with local and foreign partners and end users; audits on rights of way and other aspects of the infrastructure of their telecommunications networks; and monitoring and regulatory compliance with their legal and contractual obligations.

In addition, Acedo Santamarina has extensive experience in the area of personal data protection. We have advised multiple companies in this area, from strategic international consultations on the cross-border processing of personal data, to ensuring day-to-day compliance with privacy notices, training and other elements of the practice.

We also have highly specialized lawyers in the area of e-commerce, advising clients from the development of their strategy for starting operations in Mexico to its implementation, including the drafting of terms and conditions of use and advice on consumer protection, advertising, intellectual property and privacy issues.