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Implications of a possible change of telecommunications’ authority in Mexico

On February 5th, the President of Mexico submitted, for consideration of the Mexican Congress, several initiatives to amend the Mexican Constitution. Among them, the “organic simplification” or extinction of certain autonomous constitutional bodies (“OCAs” for its initials in spanish) in order to pursue republican austerity and avoid duplication of functions (between these and the Federal […]

Federal Cybersecurity Law initiative

The use of information and telecommunication technologies has become a fundamental part of people’s lives, as they function as important tools for the proper development of the public and private sectors. It should be remembered that in this digital era, the use of technologies implies an exchange of information through a cyberspace made up of […]

Zero Tariff: Issue to be resolved at the Supreme Court of Justice

In the coming weeks, the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (“SCJN”) will analyze, discuss and rule on the various appeals filed by América Móvil against the prohibition to charge other telecommunications service providers for terminating calls on its network, also known as “tarifa cero”.