As part of our firm’s social responsibility program, Acedo Santamarina signed a collaboration agreement with Appleeseed Mexico, under which probono legal services will be provided to nonprofit organizations pursuing a positive impact in our community.

One of the organizations with which Acedo Santamarina currently collaborates is Sociedad Activa, a non-profit collective whose work consists essentially in approaching basic education to agricultural laborers in the Sonora region.

Sociedad Activa also brings plays, films and training for producers and fields workers in one of the regions with the highest agricultural production in the country, in order to contribute to the empowerment of one of the most marginalized sectors of Mexico.

The education and training that Sociedad Activa brings to the agricultural fields contributes to the generation of better expectations in the quality of life not only for the workers, but also for their families, which in many cases live at the fields during the harvest season.

Proudly, a team of lawyers from Acedo Santamarina advises on the design of the corporate structure of Sociedad Activa, in order to legally incorporate its operation, ensure its permanence and access to government incentives that will allow the expansion of the programs in favor of the community.

At Acedo Santamarina, we are convinced that probono work is an essential tool for the transformation of Mexican society with which we are fully committed.

For more information about Sociedad Activa and its work please visit the site: