Telecommunications of México published the request for expressions

On august 7, 2017, Telecomunicaciones de México (“TELECOMM”) published…

the request for expressions of interest (“RFEI”) to participate as an operator or investor who, through a self-financing public private partnership (“PPP”), can provide the backup and operational continuity of the Mexican satellite Morelos 3 satellite and potentially market its surplus capacity.

With this RFEI, TELECOMM seeks the possibility that an operator or investor can provide backup for Morelos 3, through a self-financing PPP, and requests suggestions, lessons and solutions for the development of this project.

The RFEI states, among other things, the following minimum backup requirements that the Mexican government would expect for this PPP:

(i) A compatible standard L-Band MSS system that provides backup for at least 50% of the operating capacity allocated to the Morelos 3 satellite, which is capable of operating along the full standard L-band (assuming an allocation of 7.0 MHz), as well as operating in the extended L-band.

(ii) A connection in a part of the assigned Ku band or any other band that the Operator can incorporate.

(iii) Coverage area: National territory, territorial waters and exclusive economic zone, plus the maritime and terrestrial area that covers the Panama Canal, including all Central America and the surrounding waters.

(iv) Maximum compatibility with existing terrestrial infrastructure as well as end-user terminals, allowing the maintenance of other existing end-user terminals in the field (including numbering systems), as well as the existing autonomous, secure and encrypted terrestrial infrastructure.

The Mexican government is willing to offer the following as contribution to the PPP:

(i) Use and exploitation rights for the backup satellite in orbital position 116.8º W for which Mexico’s government has rights before the ITU for Region II.

(ii) Use of existing terrestrial infrastructure, such as networks, links, telemetry systems and physical ground space.

(iii) Some existing licenses, authorizations and permits for Mexican territory in relation to the use of Morelos 3 and the backup satellite.

(iv) Support of highly qualified and experienced personnel in the country for TT&C operations, ground and network systems.

The deadline for sending responses to the RFEI is August 11, 2017, at 18:00 hours, and the face-to-face meetings will be held with interested parties from August 14 to 18, 2017.